“Amy is the rarest of therapists—knowledgeable, compassionate, and completely dedicated to the empowerment of her clientele. I have had the privilege of doing co-therapy with Amy so I know first-hand her ability as a therapist.” 

Ed Thomas, LMFT and fellow Converse College classmate

Client Testimonials

“Talking to Amy is like talking to my best friend. Her calm, easy demeanor puts me at peace. Throughout conversations, Amy guides me by asking questions and presenting situations in an unbiased point of view. At the end of every session with Amy, I understand myself better and am armed with a fresh approach to myself and to my surroundings.”

Client L.

“Amy is so much more than just a counselor and therapist; she’s a wonderful person and she truly becomes your friend. We have gotten to know her over the last couple of months as she has helped us work on our marriage and reconnect with each other. One thing we can both say about Amy is that she honestly cares about us. We owe so much to her, and we will be grateful to her and her advice for the rest of our lives.”

Clients K. and F.

“Amy is very nice and easy to talk to. We truly feel better after seeing her and always leave feeling optimist. We have seen other therapists before; and we could tell right away the difference. She really cares about helping and is always looking for ways to work toward the solution. Many times we received cookie-cutter exercises and advice for other therapists and you immediately get the impression that Amy really listens and gives specific advice on how to be better. Amy Wood is an excellent therapist that I am happy in recommending her services to anyone in need."

Clients H. and J 

“I am a single mother of a daughter who has a chronic illness. I am a woman with a full-time career that happens to be in a predominately male field. I am a daughter and a caregiver to an aging parent with health problems. I am also a sister, an aunt, and a friend who woke up and realized I had a broken soul. The answer to my prayer came in the petite but very strong licensed therapist by the name of Amy Wood. Amy is a caring human being, not judge nor jury, who is not only capable but willing to give you the tools to equip you to handle ‘life.’ Amy goes many steps further….she reaches out to teach you to use these to help you manage life no matter how many hats you may wear. She is not only my therapist, but also my friend, my caregiver, my angel on Earth.”

Client M.

“Amy has been such a pleasure to work with. She has helped us communicate and manage major life changes that are going on in our lives. She has gone out of her way to make herself available around our schedules, which we are extremely grateful for. We have gotten to know her over the last several months as she has helped us work on our marriage and become a stronger family unit. Amy creates a safe and open platform for us to discuss difficult issues, and has truly taken an interest in our life and well-being. At the end of every session, we walk away refreshed.”

Clients C. and N.

“I am thrilled when one of our MMFT graduate establishes a private practice or affiliates with an agency in which she/he can make some major contribution to the growth and healing of humankind. We in the Converse College/WestGate Training and Consultation Network partnership have been blessed with a large number of graduates who are doing just that. Amy

Wood adds to that list, and I commend her for her passion, integrity, competence, and compassion as she ventures forth in practice.” 

James N. Rentz, D. Min, LMFT, LSMFT, Interim Director Converse College